Lysis combines in a single instrument, UVC temperature compensation with linearization, signal conditioning, user-selectable outputs and advanced communications options.


The Lysis Smart Flow Transmitter represents a new, sophisticated electronics platform for flowmeter linearization, density and viscosity correction. It is available in two configurations:


  • Lysis SP

    suitable for installation seperate from the flowmeter



  • Open software architecture with user defined password protection. ALL scaling and programming options are accessible by the end user.
  • When used with the new SMART Pickoffs, there will never be a charge for programming. Reprogramming is included in the price of the flowmeter calibration for the life of the instrument.
  • Compatible with every flowmeter that is equipped with a Lysis SMART Pickoff (Plug-and-Measure)
  • Both Frequency and Analog Outputs for Flow.
  • Analog Output for Temperature
  • Operating Temperature from - 40°C to +125°C
  • Low instalation costs


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