Flow Straightener

TrigasDM Flow Straighteners are designed for use with flowmeters to prevent false readings resulting from fluid swirl and velocity profile distortions. They normalize flow and reduce liquid rotation by means of a swirl eliminator and a straight run of tubing.


  • Sets with 10D upstream, 5D downstream
  • Pressure rating depends on end fittings and construction
  • Standard End Fittings include:
  • AN fittings ( 37°)
  • Threads to DIN 2353
  • DIN and ANSI Flanges


  • Flow straightening recommended for most flowmeters including Turbines, Vortex, Ultrasonic, etc.
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Aluminium AN nuts to prevent galling
  • Pressure and Temperature taps
  • Special lengths upon request
  • Swirl and turbulence elimination
  • Promotes fully developed flow profile
  • Field retrofittable for most meter runs
  • Cost-effective for new and existing installations


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