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50 - 5500 ml/min Turbine-Flowmeter - DM 2-8

The new DM2-8 turbine flowmeter is a break though in low flow measurement. 

Compared with Pelton type flowmeters which are commonly used in low flow measurement applications, it offers many advantages.

As can be seen in the graph above it offers 3x the range of a typical Pelton flowmeter with a fraction of the pressure loss. 

At its maximum flowrate, the Pelton shows a pressure loss more than 500 bar.  For the same flowrate, the DM2-8 exhibits a pressure loss of less than 10 mbar, a more than 50x improvement over the Pelton.

Furthermore, the DM2-8 exhibits greatly improved linearity over a much wider range than the Pelton.  In fact, the DM2-8 is linear over a range of more than 10:1 while the Pelton exhibits more than 20% linearity deviation over the same range.

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